Friday, October 8, 2010

How High is Too High?

Interest rates are starting to rise ... how will you deal with increase on your cost of living? For many with substantial size mortgages and balances on credit cards an small increase can mean the difference between dinner out and paying the hydro bill.

The impact of increasing interest rates is one of the most overlooked risks when borrowing money.

Why do we overlook or ignore something so obvious? Usually it comes down to two things .... More Here>>
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Inflation is Knocking

I had a great discussion with my daughters about the increasing cost of everything when talking about the monthly bills. The stark financial reality of price increases become more apparent as you move out, but it is even more of an issue in retirement.

Inflation is just a nuisance when you are working because the solution is easy ... just work longer hours, or get a second job. When your are retired, inflation effects on your income is critical when you are on a fixed income.

Staying ahead of inflation is a losing battle over a life time. As with taxes, inflation has a way of catching up with you.    More Here>>

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School with a Credit Card

This year is first for us ... no one is going to school this year. But for many in Kelowna,  kids are back to school next week and life is getting back to normal.

Time to put away the beach towel and open the text book. And for many post secondary students it also means opening the wallet for the credit card.   More Here >>
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Marketing That Works

Kelowna Town Blogger is a network of local businesses that work together to reach their customers their with informative, and interesting original local content using the power of blogging.

In conjunction with your companies marketing plan Kelowna Town Blogger can improve the traffic to your website, create a following with your most loyal customers and ultimately translate in to better revenue for your business.

So How do we do it? 

About Us

My photo

My wife Barb and I moved to the Okanagan with with our two daughters in July 1992. Looking for a better lifestyle to grow their family and raise their children. I left the retail industry in 1995 for an opportunity in the Financial Industry.

I like the idea of having control of my time, to work as hard as I please, and create something more meaningful than just a job. 

I am also the past President of The Okanagan Business Referral (Thursday) Group and active with the Kelowna Apple Triathlon.